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Welcome to Grzybowska street 6/10, where the heart of Warsaw is, in the old valley of tenement houses and factories, and now in the urban canyon of modern lifestyle, where a prestigious investment N1_MetropolitanApartments is being created.
In a truly downtown surrounded by skyscrapers you can feel that you are a resident of a truly European capital. And if you add to that the comfort of the private apartment facilities, you will produce a ready-made solution for people who appreciate the aesthetics of every day, high quality and luxury of life in the city.

The bright past of Grzybowska street up to 2011 is marked, among others, by the former Polish administrative building of Polskie Zakłady Philips, which in the interwar period were the center of domestic production of light bulbs.

It is thanks to the factories on Grzybowska that electricity in the Polish cities of the late 20’s and 30’s of the twentieth century has become more accessible.



Freedom of dwelling

The high standard of performance allows you to customize each apartment to individual needs, while being able to meet the most sophisticated expectations of the owners.






Modern glass block building N1_MetropolitanAPARTMENTS inhibits innovative contemporary housing that ensures the highest quality of life.

The nature of a luxury apartment is emphasized by representative interior, decorated in shades of white and soft gray with elements of black, with the use of carefully selected materials.

  • wifi throughout the building
  • air conditioning
  • high-speed elevators
  • intelligent
    apartment system
  • 24Hour
    desk / security

Better prospects

N1_MetropolitanAPARTMENTS is a proud part of a prestigious development near the area represented by the noted Warsaw skyscrapers.
The location in the city center provides the opportunity to benefit from all the charms of life in the capital, both with facilities that meet the daily needs (shops, pharmacies, restaurants), including recreational facilities (fitness, gyms, swimming pools) and green spaces of parks, as well as from centers of culture, arts and entertainment (theaters, museums, cinemas).



The fact of being situated in the heart of Warsaw entails the possibility of everyday communing with objects of historical outline, and certainly the environment of Grzybowska street inhibits this nature.